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  1. The applicant must be a graduate of Moapa Valley High School
  2. The applicant must be actively involved in visual arts.
  3. The applicant may be in one of these three categories of eligibility:

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Guild Scholarship Program

The Moapa Valley Art Guild offers college level scholarships to visual art students who are graduates of Moapa Valley High School. The MVAG may grant up to three scholarships in one year if highly qualified candidates submit applications. There is no requirement that any scholarship be granted if there is no appropriate candidate. Members of the Moapa Valley Art Guild scholarship committee make the decision.

All funds raised from proceeds of the Raffle held each year at the Pomegranate Arts and Crafts Festival are used to support the Scholarship Fund.

Moapa Valley Art Guild Awards Scholarships for 2013

The Moapa Valley Art Guild has awarded four scholarships totaling $3,000 to local young people. Two graduated from Moapa Valley High School this spring and have won $1,000 each for the 2013-2014 school year to help them attend the college of their choice. These are Breanna Harding, photographer, and Curtis Huntsman, graphic designer, both outstanding young artists. Two are past-year MVHS graduates w ho are now both midway in their college experiences; Athena Perkins and Marya Romero.

Breanna Harding

Breanna is a beautifully rounded and at the same time well-grounded young person just graduating from Moapa Valley High School. While keeping her grades high she has explored many directions during her high school years, including various leadership roles and active community volunteering. Through that process she has ended up believing that photography, particularly of sports events and portraiture, will be a major focus of her life going forward. She believes that anyone can pick up a camera and shoot pictures; but to be an exquisite photographer a person needs to create his/her own unique style, based on knowledge and practice of various techniques, experience, and pushing-the-limits discovery.

 Breanna plans to attend Dixie College in St. George, UT to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography. Having taken photography courses for four years at Moapa Valley High School and absorbed all she could at that level, she is aptly poised to get the most possible out of her college experience going forward.

Breanna Harding Breanna Picture 1 Breanna Picture 2  

Curtis Huntsman - $1000 Scholarsip Winner

In his four years at Moapa Valley High School, Curtis has been able to focus to a surprising degree on classes and experiences that will help him in what he sees as his future career as a graphic designer owning and operating his own small business. In addition to the areas of graphic design, computer applications and photography, however, he has enjoyed various other experiences as an Eagle Scout and working with his hands in welding, woodworking, and the culinary arts. He is described by one of his MVHS teachers as “hard-working, creative, cordial, and conscientious about his work.”

We wish Curtis much success as he continues to pursue his goals and interests at the college of his choice.

Curtis Huntsman Curtis Letterhead Album cover

Athena Marie Perkins - $500 Scholarship Winner

Athena M. Perkins is going into her third year of study at the Art Institutes of Salt Lake City. Her studies are preparing her to be able to create computer realized imaging that can be used for everything from telling illustrated fantasy stories to creating life-saving flight simulators for the military.

Athena is one of those individuals who were born with a sensitive response to things artistic and an incredible gift of creative imagination. She states “I have always loved art and I could not imagine life without it.” The way she is going she will not only have art in her life always, she will create virtual experiences that will enable countless others to have art in their lives as well. She believes that “An artist has the power to change a generation. A single piece of art…. can even stir events that would have otherwise never happened.” With her ability and passion she is likely to be one of those artists who will do just that.

Athena's self portrait Athena's art work Athena - charcoal

Marya Romero - $500 Scholarship Winner

Marya Romero has an exceptional quality of observation and is very focused on whatever she does. One of her art teachers describes her as “able to render forms and color with the utmost sensitivity. She exhibits an exceptional combination of hard work and natural talent.”

Art is only one of her strong suits. She is also talented - and works hard at - music, being one of the top student violists in the Las Vegas area. A local conductor who has known her for the last six years has this to say about her: “Marya has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely an inspiration to the community as she shares her various talents.”

She is presently finishing her second year at CSN and is a repeat winner of a MVAG Art Scholarship. She exhibits a level of maturity and accomplishment that MVAG is proud to recognize as she continues to advance in her studies and also find ways to give back to her community.

Marya Marya Work 1 Art work 2 Work 3